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Why Donate to the Milbank Community Foundation?

The Milbank Community Foundation enables many area residents to give financial support to organizations and causes in the community.  Gifts to the foundation cost less to the donor because of the excellent tax benefits of a community foundation.  Some large gifts can be structured in such a way that because of the tax savings the donation costs very little to the donor.  Gifts in the form of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, or other property that have appreciated in value can provide additional savings because the donor avoids the capital gains tax that would be payable if the appreciated property was sold.

In Memoriam

Memorial contributions offer a permanent way to remember friends and relatives while providing a lasting gift to the community.

In Honor

Holidays, birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, or other special occasions are times when individuals can be honored with a gift to the Milbank Community Foundation.

How Can You Help?

You can help by contributing in any number of ways to the Milbank Community Foundation.

Outright donations:

  • Cash gifts                             
  • Real estate
  • Securities
  • Personal property

Deferred gifts:

  • Bequests
  • Life insurance
  • Trusts with charitable provisions

Special purpose gifts:

  • A memorial in honor of a deceased person
  • A gift to honor a living person
  • A gift to commemorate a special occasion

Gifts are Tax Deductible.

The Milbank Community Foundation qualifies as a public charity under federal tax laws, and all gifts are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue code.  Depending upon your income bracket, you may find that you can make a more substantial gift than you had originally intended since the government, through allowable tax deductions, stands part of the cost.

Additional Information for Donors:

The Milbank Community Foundation Board will be happy to meet with prospective donors and discuss with them terms and conditions, if any, of their gifts or requests.  Prospective donors are urged to confer with their own attorneys, accountants, and financial planners regarding any contributions.

The name or identity of the donor may be forever attached to a gift or the donor may remain anonymous if he or she so desires.  If you would like more information on different giving options or making an anonymous gift, please feel free to contact us:

Craig Wellnitz, Finance Director
Milbank Community Foundation
48051 153rd Street
Milbank, SD 57252
(605) 432-9000
(605) 432-9270 (fax)

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