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Managed Funds

Since its inception in 1993, the Milbank Community Foundation has continued to grow and now consists of 16 designated funds and also assists local nonprofit organizations with management and fundraising.  The true objective of the Milbank Community Foundation is to make the Milbank area a better place for all to live, whether this is by providing recreational activities, educational, historical, health, or the arts.  We want to help your dreams for the community come true.

Current Funds of the Milbank Community Foundation

Endowment Funds:
  • Chalet Endowment Fund (est. 2002) – Provides for the upkeep and maintenance of the building and grounds.

  • First Congregational Church Fund (est. 2003) – Provides for and ensures the First Congregational Church of Milbank’s continuation and future, including maintenance of its facilities and support of designated interests. 

  • Grant-Deuel High School Scholarship Fund (est. 1997) – Provides financial assistance for graduates of the Grant-Deuel High School to attend institutions of higher education.  

  • Renee Nelson-McIntosh Scholarship Fund (est. 1998) – Provides financial assistance for graduates of the Grant-Deuel High School entering the medical field.  This scholarship fund was established by Hertha Nelson of Revillo in memory of her late daughter Janell Renee Nelson-McIntosh.

  • Ernest & Anna Remund Family Scholarship Fund (est. 2005) – Provides an annual scholarship to graduating seniors of the Wilmot High School. 

  • Russell O. Peterson Scholarship Fund (est. 2005) – Provides an annual scholarship to a graduate of the Grant-Deuel High School who is pursuing a carrier in education and a second annual scholarship to a graduate pursuing a carrier in agriculture. 

  • Unity Square Endowment Fund (est. 1995) – Provides a source of funding for capital improvements and repairs for the facility. 

  • Unity Square 10th Anniversary Fund (est. 2004) – Provides a secondary source of funding to help keep the Unity Square center attractive, safe ,and user friendly for years to come. 

  • Unity Square Leading Edge Club (est. 2004) – The goal of this fund is to create a community of Unity Square supporters who are committed to a meaningful, long-term support of our center and will have input in updating and purchasing equipment for the center. 

  • Kermit Scheele/Wilmot Scholarship Fund (est. 2001) – Provides financial assistance to Wilmot students pursuing an education after high school. 


Pass-Through Accounts:

  • Bulldog Club (est. 1999) – Supports extra-curricular activities in the Milbank School District and provides students with the tools to make them complete and responsible students. 

  • Grant County Combined Appeal – Raises funds for nonprofit agencies that focus on many social areas in the Milbank area, such as youth activities, at-risk children and families, those challenged by disease or disability, and special community projects.  One hundred percent of the funds raised through the Grant County Combined Appeal stays in our community area.  This fund was established in 1964 and became part of the Milbank Community Foundation in 1996.

  • Grant County Diabetes Association (est. 1996) – Identifies and assists Grant County diabetics who have financial problems purchasing diabetic supplies.  

  • Grant County Heart Fund (est. 1996) – Assists low income Grant County residents with heart related medical bills and prescriptions and promotes research regarding heart disease. 

  • Friends of the Prairie (est. 1997) – Supports the efforts of local groups working to preserve tracts of northern tall-grass prairie. 

  • Milbank Area Community Tennis Association (est. 2000) – Provides opportunities for youth in Grant County to participate in developmental and competitive tennis. 

  • Veterans Memorial (est. 2009) – Supports the construction of the Veterans Memorial. 

  • Windmill Fund (est. 2000) – Provides funding to restore an 1882 Norfolk English Grist Mill. 

  • Youth in Agriculture (est. 1999) – Provides financial support to qualifying youth who compete in agricultural contest at whatever level their abilities allow them. 


Creating a Fund

You can create your own fund with the Milbank Community Foundation.  Establishing a fund with the Milbank Community Foundation offers many benefits to donors, including:

  • Perpetuity – The fund that you establish will benefit the community now and through the years.

  • Simplicity – One contribution will address a number of different needs and will benefit many charitable organizations.  The Milbank Community Foundation can provide the convenience of one-stop giving for your donations.

  • Choice – You may indicate the purpose of the fund and choose any name you wish for the fund you establish.  Grants will always be recorded in the name of the fund.

  • Security - A well-established, ongoing foundation that provides a steady fund growth by providing a return rate that follows the prime rate index.

  • Tax benefits – Contributions made to the Milbank Community Foundation qualify for maximum deductibility for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

  • Philanthropy - The Milbank Community Foundation allows others to share one’s good fortune with those less fortunate.

You can establish your own named fund with a contribution of $10,000 or more.  Your fund can benefit the community in civic, humanitarian, cultural, recreational, aesthetic, environmental, or educational needs that are most important to you.  These funds can be permanent (endowed) or pass-through (short term).

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